Audi Parts Warranty - Shop with Confidence!

Ultimate Value!  Our Genuine Original Audi Parts include Audi's 1 year warranty!

Our dealership direct Genuine Original (OEM) Audi Parts include Audi's 1 year (no mileage limit) warranty valid throughout the US Audi dealership network.  Just hold onto your official Audi parts invoice we include with your shipment, or Contact Us if you ever need a copy.  If a part ever fails or is defective within the 12 month warranty period, simply visit your local Audi dealership with the official invoice.  An Audi technician must diagnose and confirm the part failed/defective on an open repair order through their Audi Service department for warranty coverage.  If confirmed failed/defective, Audi will replace the part at no charge, however labor required to remove the defective part and to install a new or remanufactured part is not reimbursable.  

Important warranty information:

  • An Audi part replaced under warranty includes the remainder of the original part's warranty only.  
  • Warranty coverage does not apply to parts incorrectly installed or retrofitted onto vehicles in which they do not fit.
  • Warranty coverage does not apply to damage or malfunctions resulting from:  misuse, negligence, alteration, modification, environmental damage, accident or fire, improper repair of the vehicle, use of the part in a vehicle used for a competitive purpose, or failure to follow recommended maintenance intervals and requirements. 
  • This warranty does not cover wear items such as clutch lining, brake pads, brake linings, windshield wiper blades, fuses, worn seat covers, and other trim and appearance items that wear as a result of normal use, lack of normal care, or deterioration. 
  • Audi parts that are defective or fail within the warranty period can not be returned.  They must be replaced by following the Audi Parts Warranty procedure through your local Audi dealership's Service department.
  • Warranty is covered through Audi of America and only valid within the US - parts shipped or exported outside the US are not covered under warranty.
  • The 1 year warranty is for 12 months from the date of purchase.