Fraud Protection Policy - We're Looking Out For You!

Protecting our great customers is one of our highest priorities!

GetAudiparts is committed to protecting our awesome customers from online order fraud and identity theft that is all too common these days.  For that reason, we employ a few payment and shipping safeguards that help keep the bad guys at bay, and allow us to get your Audi parts and accessories to you quickly and safely.

When paying with a major credit card:

Your 1st order with must ship directly to your authorized billing address on file with your credit card company.  If you need to ship to an alternate address on your 1st order, you can email us a picture of your driver's license/photo ID and credit card to for approval, and please include your order #.  For added security, please cover up the driver's license # and all but the last 4 digits of the credit card, and you're welcome to send in a password protected document such as a pdf or excel document (just don't forget to send us the password).  We'll delete and destroy these upon receipt, and after your first successful order is completed, we won't require this information again on future orders.  

If you're not comfortable sending that information, we completely understand. 

Another option we recommend is to stop by your local Audi dealership to have your VIN # updated and registered in your name and address with Audi of North America prior to ordering.  Since we are a Audi dealership, we can then use your Audi VIN # to pull up and confirm this information.  Already have your VIN # registered with Audi of North America?  Great!  In that case we do not require the photos above and you can ship to an alternate address as long as your billing info is a match and is authorized by your credit card company.

Another easy option..

Simply contact your credit card company before ordering your Audi parts and accessories and have them add your alternate shipping address as an authorized billing address.  You can then checkout with your alternate shipping address as a billing address that should pass the address, zip code, and ccv authorizations.

PayPal is great and easy too!

We require shipping to a confirmed/verified PayPal address, and this can be easily setup through PayPal directly.  You can then complete your order through our site and quickly checkout with PayPal.

What about a Bank Wire Transfer?

We also offer a secure bank wire transfer payment option at checkout if you'd like to pay that way!  Once your order is submitted, we'll review and send our bank details and instructions for the wire.  You may ship to any US address or pickup here at our dealership when paying by bank wire - we'll promptly complete and ship your order as soon as the funds are received. 

Do you require a signature on delivery?

To help protect against fraud and theft, all orders $800+ will be sent adult signature required.  Customer/consignee re-routing of packages during transit is not permitted.  Please Contact Us to request an in-transit package to be held for pickup at a carrier operated location in your area - a photo ID and adult signature will be required.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping reduce fraudulent orders!